Top 10 unique baby names

Top 10 unique baby names

It seems like just yesterday that the whole class was called Stephanie, but as we roll into the new decade baby names are trending more towards the unique.

Need Some Baby Name Inspo?

There are so many 'interesting' names out there (Apple, North West) - But we've chosen a short list of 10 top names that are unique, may seem foreign at first, but leave a lasting impression.

Naming your child can be one of the most important decisions you'll make and you'll want to be able to choose a name you and your partner can agree on, one that doesn't have a bad reminder of a past lover, school bully or the weirdo you met once when you were galavanting in Europe on Contiki. 

So what names can you expect to be yelled across the quadrangle in 5 years time? Who knows, maybe the one yelling them will be you. So sit back and enjoy some of these weird and wonderful baby name trends for 2020. 


1. Mika
2. Paisley
3. Luna
4. Amena
5. Nova
6. Pearl
7. Briar
8. Fia
9. Nyx
10. Persephone 


 1. Cash
2. Tate
3. Easton
4. Cassian
5. Zion
6. Orson
7. Titus
8. Nash
9. Kit
​10. Enzo

While it can be hard to choose a name, you will know when the time comes that you've made the right choice. Can't wait to look at all the strange and unique trends for 2021!