Baby Review

Thank you Baby Review for a fantastic write up of bambino bling!

My Baby is fashion savvy and notices any new fashion accessory I wear. Baby will swipe to reach my new earrings and tug at a novel necklace. Then, of course, there is the taste test, ‘yummy bracelet mummy’ her sparkling eyes will tell me, as my teething little one proceeds to chew on my jewellery.


Well bambino bling jewellery is something special for my Baby to really ‘chew over’! Made from silicone, ever so stylish Bambino Bling allows Baby to admire and taste my wears – while I have peace of mind that my jewellery is made from non-toxic, 100% BPA free silicone.

A particular feature I love on my necklace is the ‘breakaway clasp’, which results in the necklace coming off in one piece if Baby tugs too hard. Any Mum who has experienced the sound (and resulting chaos) of cascading beads tumbling to the floor from a broken necklace, will appreciate the value in a ‘breakaway clasp’ preventing this situation. I’ve noticed there is a knot in between each bead on the necklace, reinforcing the strength of the necklace and highlighting the quality craftsmanship of each piece of bambino bling jewellery.

I’m impressed by the fabulous functionality, quality and design, of Bambino Bling jewellery, making it a brilliant gift idea – especially with Christmas around the corner! The jewellery is easily cleaned with warm soapy water or can be put on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Any gift ordered from the Bambino Bling website is gift wrapped in a divine pink box. To find out more visit bambino bling